Frequently asked questions

Exterior Renovation

Q: How long will a roofing or siding job take to complete?

A: We can typically complete an average roofing or siding installation in one day!

Q: Will I see a difference in my utility bills after installing new windows?

A: Every window we install have high energy efficiency properties including Low-E glass, and Argon gas filled panes. You will definitely see a difference in your utility bills, but also a difference in the comfort of your home.

Q: Will there be a big mess after you leave?

A: We pride ourselves on our clean up and how we finish our projects. Replacing a roof, siding, or windows can make a big mess. We take the time to ensure everything is clean and that your plants and other items in your yard are protected as well!

Q: Will there be a warranty with my Renovation?

A: Every project we complete comes with a 2 year labor warranty, but the majority of the products we use have a limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty. We will provide you with any necessary warranty paperwork upon completion of your project.


Interior Remodeling

Q: What kind of return on my investment can I expect with a remodel?

A: Every project can vary in the percentage return on investment. As they always say, kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. You will always find the highest level of ROI with a kitchen or bathroom remodel.

Q: How much does a major remodel project cost?

A: This is a very big moving target, it depends on the level of finishes you plan to use, the size of your space, and how much of the mechanicals have to be altered (plumbing, electrical, HVAC). We provide detailed estimates that cover the cost of every aspect of the project. We also offer a variety of financing options.

Q: Do you offer free estimates?

A: Yes, we always provide you with a written in-home estimate. We will contact you to discuss your plans and remodeling needs, schedule an appointment to further discuss, measure, and bid the scope of work for your project.

Q: What should I expect during my remodel?

A: Remodeling can be very stressful, you should expect to be flexible, ready for a little bit of a mess, but also expect great lines of communication and discussion about the timeline, costs, and progression of the project. We have been through this hundreds of times so your experience is as smooth as possible.


Insurance Restoration

Q: Why should I have my home inspected after a storm?

A: Storms can leave visible and "hidden" damage to your homes components or systems. Safety is always a number one concern when recovering from a major storm event. We also want to ensure that any necessary repairs are completed within the insurance companies statute of limitations so you are not liable for the damage done to your home.

Q: Will my insurance rates go up if I file a claim?

A: Typically if there is a major storm event in your area the insurance rates in your zip code are bound to increase regarless of you filing a claim or not. It depends on the type of policy you have and the insurance company that you are with.

Q: Can my insurance company drop my coverage if I file a claim?

A: A catastrophe claim is different then a negligence claim. A CAT claim is an act of God or an event that you can help, compared to a negligence claim where you may have been at fault in some way (leaving your stove on and catching your kitchen on fire). Insurance companies cannot drop you for filing a Catastrophe claim.

Q: Why should I have someone present during the adjusters assessment?

A: Most adjusters do a great job, they are also at times overwhelmed with work loads and other claims during a major event or at certain times of the year. We want to be there to be an advocate for you, someone who is familiar with your specific claim, and specific building codes for our area. The insurance company will send out their expert, we want you to send yours out too!